So why do you need to use AVBLEND® in your airplane?

An engine sitting idle is more prone to damage from moisture and lack of lubrication as the oil sits at the bottom. When a cold engine starts, there is friction on metal parts until the oil gets moving. High heat (combustion) causes carbon and other harmful deposits to build up in your engine. When those carbon deposits settle into the internal parts, friction and wear become damaging and can cause blow-by, loss of compression, excessive oil usage and high emissions.

AVBLEND is a "micro"-lubricant with molecules smaller than ordinary oil molecules. As metals heat up and pores open, these tiny molecules soak into the metal surface, providing a cooler, better lubricated surface. This helps prevent carbon build-up on critical parts that can affect performance and reduce the life of your engine. Thus, AVBLEND helps:

  • Restore peak combustion performance
  • Prevent valves from sticking
  • Lower operating temperatures
  • Prevent rust and pitting from condensation

From cold starts to constant use, AVBLEND is the force against carbon build-up to help protect your engine. Visit our testing page for detailed images of parts showing before and after the use of AVBLEND.