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I've been an aircraft mechanic for 12 years. We used to rebuild piston engines. We used AVBLEND and it kept the cylinder walls so clean you couldn't believe it. Since zMAX is the same formula, I had to have it in my truck. It increased gas mileage, smoothed out all the rough ends in my tranny. And when I was four-wheeling, the power was right there. It's a phenomenal product!

We've used AVBLEND in all our planes with great results and confidence.

- Gary Middlebrooks, Vanguard Squadron

Improved lubrication is always an attribute for any aircraft engine I operate. AVBLEND is the only product I have found that will keep the exhaust valve guides clean of carbon build-up. On my LongEZ trip around the world, I felt it was so important to use AVBLEND that I carried a supply with me, even though my cargo space was tiny. My engine purred over those long ocean-crossing nights, and you can bet I was listening to those engines every second! I’ve used AVBLEND in all of my aircraft’s engines… flight after flight… with complete satisfaction and report cards from oil analysis that keep me coming back. AVBLEND is the only engine additive lubricant I’ll use and I never hesitate to recommend it to my colleagues.

- Dick Rutan, Voyager Pilot, Aviation Consultant

I've used AVBLEND at every oil change in my '75 Cessna 150M since I bought it in 2011. I'm convinced paying the extra for AVBLEND will delay at least a year or two in have to pay over $20k for an OH.

Use it religiously.

I have a 1981 Piper Saratoga TC and had the engine rebuilt in 2004. My mechanic recommended I use AVBLEND at every oil change, change the oil every 35 hours and keep my hottest cylinder below 390. Fourteen years later with 1750 hours on this engine and no TOH, nothing! This combination has preserved my engine.

My mechanic loves this stuff. Seems to keep compression up and even across cylinders.