For 4 cylinder engines, pour one bottle (12oz.) into the oil system. Add (2) 12oz bottles to 6 or 8 cylinder engines. For best results, operate for 30 minutes after treatment.

Recommended retreatment schedule
Every 25 operating hours is recommended - 50 hours / 4 months is required for continuous protection.

For new and rebuilt engines AVBLEND helps: 

  • Prevent build-up of carbon, and deposit build-up commonly found in high temperature air cooled engines
  • Reduce damaging dry starts, which can prematurely wear out the internal parts of your engine before reaching TBO
  • Prevent rust and corrosion damage during periods of inactivity
  • Reduce the potential of unnecessary maintenance costs due to premature wear (ie low-compression cylinder removal) at your aircraft's inspections
  • Keep new and rebuilt engines dimensionally correct from rebuild to TBO
  • Maintain performance and efficiency over the lifetime of the engine

 For used engines AVBLEND helps: 

  • Clean your engine by dissolving existing carbon and deposit buildup commonly found in high temperature air-cooled engines
  • Restore lost performance and combustion efficiency to engines with accumulated hours